Last night’s supper … Grilled salmon steak with stuffed red peppers

I have this really bad habit when I go grocery shopping of buying things I don’t necessarily need because it looks delicious or I don’t know what it is so I buy it to try it out. Random, I know. Anyway, lately, for some reason, I have come across a lot of recipes with quinoa in it. Had no idea what it was or looked like until I saw it in Checkers last week, so I bought it.

And if any of you are wondering how you pronounce it, it is keen-wah and not kin-oh-ah. Don’t worry I also thought it was the latter.

So the recipe shall be named … uh … Grilled salmon steak with stuffed roast peppers? Lame, I know. If you can think of anything better please let me know. I got the recipe for the grilled salmon steaks from Home Cooking, I didn’t have dried oregano and I used fresh dill as opposed to dried dill and it still tasted great! Then I found the recipe for the stuffed roast peppers on The red peppers are stuffed with quinoa, peas, and brinjals. Yes, I just threw two recipes together and hoped for the best. It turned out quite well. My husband said it was awesome and he doesn’t really like fish, unless he was lying to me just to make me happy, which I am totally OK with.

Anyway, this is what it looked like. I thought it was yum, and I recommend you try it. I did my research on quinoa and apparently it is really good for you which is a bonus! Enjoy.

Tip: Don’t put lemon-infused olive oil in a really hot frying pan; it splattered all over my kitchen. Made such a noise too, hubby even came into the kitchen and asked if I was OK. LOL!!

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